CAKE by Accelerize Delivers Vertical Enterprise Software Solution for Mortgage Industry that Combines Customer Journey Analytics with Lead Generation Technology

Digital Marketing SaaS Provider Transforms Lead Acquisition, Management and Routing Process to Boost ROAS and Increase Lead Monetization


NEWPORT BEACH, Calif. – July 19, 2018 – Accelerize (OTCQB: ACLZ) (OTCBB: ACLZ) and its digital marketing software division CAKE today announced the availability of a marketing intelligence solution that seamlessly integrates lead generation technology with multi-channel measurement for complete visibility into campaign performance and lead quality for key optimization opportunities. With Journey by CAKE– an enterprise, cloud-based platform that collects and analyzes data in real-time – mortgage companies gain wider visibility into lead acquisition and multi-channel digital marketing activities, enabling them to monetize leads for higher returns on advertising spend (ROAS).


Journey by CAKE provides marketers with the ability to capture the complete customer journey, from the first interaction with a brand’s message all the way to the funding of a loan. Journey delivers advantages to mortgage providers including:


  • Powerful Lead Distribution and Monetization – Automate lead generation and monetization efforts with powerful tools for collecting, analyzing and distributing leads in real-time.
  • Lead Qualification – Qualify leads in real-time based on unique criteria to optimize ROAS.
  • Closing the Loop – Gain clarity into the customer journey all the way from initial interaction to loan origination and fulfillment, providing insights to further optimize lead generation processes.
  • Powerful Insights – Advanced analytics dashboards provide powerful customer journey insights and performance of multi-channel marketing efforts to help optimize lead to loan origination (funding) efficiency.
  • Digital Marketing Integrations– Easily extract performance data from media platforms including Google, Facebook and Bing to better understand channel performance and ROAS.


“Mortgage companies have encountered significant pain points during the customer journey and lead distribution process including a lack of marketing performance insights and closed-loop measurement,” said Santi Pierini, CAKE President and Chief Operating Officer. “We are entering a new era and it’s crucial for mortgage providers to embrace marketing solutions to gain an end-to-end view of the customer journey and help them move forward in the evolving landscape. Mortgage industry leaders leveraging CAKE’s marketing intelligence platform have already achieved a 255% month over month ROAS improvement. It is clear that mortgage companies able to prioritize the channels, sources and campaigns that result in the strongest ROAS have a clear competitive advantage.”


An effective online marketing strategy requires a lot of time and expertise. In fact, according to a 2017 Mortgage Marketing Report, the majority of survey respondents cited their biggest challenges are that they do not consider themselves to be marketing experts and are unsure about where to focus their marketing efforts nor how to prioritize channels such as paid search, direct, display, email and social.


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