CAKE for Advertisers: New Product Empowers Marketers With Data-Driven Insights to Track, Attribute and Optimize Digital Spend in Real-time

CAKE Launches Multi-Channel SaaS Solution Based on World-Class Tracking Technology

NEWPORT BEACH, CA and SEATTLE, WA–(Marketwired – September 30, 2014) – ( Summit, booth # 1917) – CAKE, the digital marketing software division of Accelerize (ACLZ) (ACLZ), today introduced CAKE for Advertisers, a new software as a service (SaaS)-based solution that unifies the tracking, attribution and optimization of digital marketing costs across search, display, email, video, social, affiliate and other channels. Designed to unlock the value of real-time insights for digital marketers, the CAKE multi-channel marketing intelligence hub supports the full breadth of channel analysis needs with advanced data visualization capabilities and pre-built, third-party technology integrations. Additionally, CAKE for Advertisers’ foundation is based on the powerful tracking technology from CAKE’s industry-leading performance marketing platform. CAKE will be debuting the new product at Summit 2014(booth #1917) held Sept. 29 – Oct. 1 at the Washington State Convention Center in Seattle.

“Marketers as well as advertising agencies and performance-based networks are faced with the challenge of implementing and valuating digital campaigns with fragmented tools and ambiguous data,” said Santi Pierini, CAKE President and Chief Operating Officer of Accelerize. “With CAKE for Advertisers we’re extending our best-of-breed tracking knowledge beyond pay-for-performance marketing, to transform the way digital marketers attribute and optimize digital spend across multiple marketing channels.”

CAKE for Advertisers: Highlights
CAKE’s technology has been forged in the demanding performance-based environment where 100 percent of actions such as clicks and conversions need to be tracked on a granular, immediate basis. CAKE for Advertisers leverages the company’s best-of-breed tracking capabilities and delivers key features and benefits including:

  • Multi-channel Tracking and Reporting Analytics – Tracks the customer journey across multiple touchpoints and channels including search, display, email, social, mobile, video, affiliate, direct and shopping. Marketers can then redirect spend in real-time through data-driven insight into the channels that drive traffic, customize reporting by user and share these views across an organization.
  • Multi-touch Attribution – Supports attribution models including engagement, linear, time decay, custom as well as first/last touch. By providing deeper insight into how specific tactics impact the performance of digital spend across the customer journey, advertisers are enabled to measure the most effective touchpoints across channel and source investments.
  • Advanced Data Visualization – Illustrates third-party data points and metrics regarding marketing performance, all on one platform, through visually rich reporting elements such as Sankey and Sunburst diagrams.
  • Digital Spend Optimization – Gives advertisers the ability to easily identify high- and low-performing channels and sources through data comparison and visualization across various marketing channels and traffic sources on a single dashboard. This helps clarify in real-time which digital campaigns are driving ROI and uncover optimization opportunities. It also allows users to make intelligent marketing decisions based on custom rules that have shown to maximize ROI.
  • Integrations/Open API – Leverages pre-built, third-party integrations, coupled with an open API. This allows users to seamlessly integrate data from their existing technology solutions that could include leading ad servers, social media platforms, email management tools, bid management solutions and more. For example, marketers can easily view performance within channels and drill down to its specific traffic sources including Google, Bing, YouTube and Twitter. New integrations will be introduced monthly.

“Global ad revenue expenditures are projected to increase 5.3% reaching $532 billion by the year’s end,” wrote Andrew Frank, Vice President Distinguished Analyst and Michael McGuire, Research Vice President of Gartner. “Global ad revenue continues to grow in 2014, fueling investments in data-driven advertising technologies and techniques designed to improve targeting, attribution and measurability, as well as to accommodate new formats and channels.”

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