Financial Services Company Boosts Return on Digital Advertising Spend with Journey by CAKE

Organization Leverages Journey Integrations with Bing, Facebook and Google Adwords to Collect Real-Time Data and View Marketing Intelligence Insights on an Advanced Analytics Dashboard


NEWPORT BEACH, Calif. – May 21, 2018 – Accelerize (OTCQB: ACLZ) (OTCBB: ACLZ) and its digital marketing software division CAKE today announced an industry-leading financial services organization has achieved improved return on advertising spend (ROAS) with the use of Journey by CAKE as its marketing intelligence platform of choice. The SaaS solution delivers attribution insights related to every touchpoint in the customer journey, so the company gains a deeper understanding of campaign performance and now makes truly data-driven decisions for optimizing advertising spend. With Journey, the company also seamlessly integrates Bing, Facebook and Google Adwords campaign performance and cost data into a single dashboard.


The provider of online services and products enables its consumers to make informed financial decisions by leveraging technology, analytics and big data. Previously, the financial services organization tracked its digital advertising campaigns on various channels – paid search, display, social and affiliate – through different systems across multiple teams. The company also was challenged with clearly understanding how its paid channels performed from a multi-touch perspective across the customer journey.


By leveraging Journey, the financial services company is not only empowered to track clicks and conversions, but it can also pull and integrate validated performance and cost data from various channels into a single cloud-based platform. Journey’s centralized dashboard and multi-touch attribution capabilities deliver valuable insights to the financial organization. This helps it optimize campaign spending based on key steps in the customer journey.


Understanding the customer journey is critical for company growth and customer lifetime value. Most financial services professionals recognize the importance and prioritize accordingly. In fact, 78% of financial services and insurance marketers said that optimizing the customer journey across multiple touchpoints is their top priority over the next few years, according to a recent Econsultancy and Adobe report.


“Even though marketers want to optimize the customer journey, they’ve been constrained with a limited view of the various touchpoints along the paths to conversion. Now, that’s a thing of the past,” said Santi Pierini, CAKE President and Chief Operating Officer of Accelerize. “Journey offers the freedom to understand and optimize multi-channel performance across various touchpoints on a single dashboard. With accurate, real-time insights and cost data, marketers can fully maximize the value of their digital channels, sources and campaigns. Our new client has a strong understanding of the power to be gained with Journey and we are excited to contribute to their continued success.”


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